Sea Girt Country Club

The Sea Girt Country Club lasted a long time, but in the end it was replaced with houses


Spring Lake and Sea Girt Country Club

In 1908 a corporation was formed under the name of Spring Lake and Sea Girt Country Club. The club property was located in Sea Girt west of the railroad tracks.


A race course was built together with horse barns, grandstand and clubhouse. A steeplechase course was located in the center of the oval race track.
In the 1920's the land was divided into building lots and sold. The barns and stables were removed or torn down, but the club house remained until 2006.
The last use of the clubhouse was for Squan Furniture. It is located west of the railroad tracks, east of Route 71, and between New York and Baltimore Boulevards. In previous years it had also served and a night club and restaurant.
In 2006 it was torn down to build three houses.